How to Guide Your Kid’s Behavior in Positive Ways

father and daughter

Good behavior is learned. Humans are born with instincts and we are not born knowing how to act properly right away. This is why guidance is very important. Parents are given the responsibility to make sure that their children become productive members of society. The proper foundation is very important so it is best to start teaching your child good manners and right conduct at the earliest time possible.

You have to take into consideration several factors. If your child is a baby or a toddler, you can’t expect much from your child so you have to set standards low. However, training must start this early. Set physical limitations.

Do not put things they cannot play with within their reach. Do not encourage a spoiled behavior by giving in to their every demand.

Do not reinforce negative behavior

Usually, a child would test how you would react to his crying, for example. Do not reinforce negative behavior. Doing this right will make your life easier as a parent.

As your kids grow up, the physical limits no longer need to be imposed. Verbal limits should be sufficient.

Be clear in explaining to your child what he can do and what he should not do. Instead of threatening to punish him if he does not follow, explain to him why he is not allowed to do something.

Once he understands the reason why and finds that reasoning sound, he will develop good decision making skills and have a better understanding of what is good and what is bad.

Should your child willfully disobey you, be stern and impose consequences. Praise and reward good behavior and show disapproval for bad behavior. He should understand that he cannot get away from doing bad things. Do not concern yourself about your child hating you. As long as you do not impose unreasonable punishment, it’s okay.

The importance of discipline

Discipline is part of shaping your child. Remember that if you do not discipline your child, someone else might do it for you. You don’t want your child to grow up having no regard to rules and authority. That will get him in serious trouble in the future.

Communication is really the key. Make him understand the possible consequences and even the implications of his actions.

Remember to commend him for a job well done and always recognize and reward his good behavior. Validation is very important. Most of the time, our kids are eager to please us. Love, attention, and affection are still the best forms of reinforcement. Be generous in giving that to your child when he deserves it.

Realistic expectations

Remember to be realistic in your expectations. Think of how you were as a child and be reasonable and understanding. Also, another very important thing that most parents forget: “Set a good example.” Be someone your child can look up to. Be someone of credibility to guide him in becoming a person that you and he, himself, can be proud of.

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